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From first contact to final contract, simplify every step with Fusion REI for Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers.

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Engage Your Leads

Struggling to keep your leads organized? Fusion REI enhances your lead management with the ability to effortlessly converse, track, and automate communications. Our platform ensures every interaction is captured and managed efficiently, helping you engage potential sellers more effectively and drive conversions in your real estate investment or wholesaling business.

Book Appointments

Our intuitive scheduling system integrates seamlessly with your

workflows, allowing you to set up and manage appointments effortlessly. Ensure timely follow-ups and never miss an opportunity to close a deal with our reliable and user-friendly appointment booking features. Our calendar system works in a very similar way to Calendly, allowing you to fully customize your available days/hours.

Close Deals

With Fusion REI's automation capabilities, you can shift your main focus to closing deals by streamlining the entire sales process. Our system efficiently handles routine tasks, allowing you to concentrate on negotiations and strategic decision-making. Our integrated e-signature service adds the perfect finishing touch, ensuring secure and immediate contract finalizations.

What is Fusion REI?

  • Targeted Lead Capture:

    Offers advanced tools such as SMS and cold calling campaigns to effectively target and capture leads from off-market property owners.

  • High-Converting Website Templates:

    Provides users with high-converting website templates, complete with integrated booking systems like Calendly, for seamless lead capture and engagement.

  • Advanced Analytics for Informed Decisions:

    Features advanced analytics tools for detailed pipeline management, allowing users to make data-driven decisions to refine their marketing and sales strategies.

  • Streamlined CRM Solution for Real Estate Professionals:

    Designed specifically for real estate investors and wholesalers, Fusion REI streamlines the entire sales process, facilitating easier engagement with property owners and efficient management of leads.





Workflows &







& Funnels

Some of Our Services

Calling & SMS: Fusion REI's integrated calling and SMS capabilities allow you to maintain continuous engagement with prospects, boosting your chances of converting leads into deals.

CRM & Pipelines: Track every interaction and progress each lead through your sales funnel efficiently, ensuring no potential deal slips through the cracks.

Workflows & Automation: Fusion REI's custom automations

handle everything from lead nurturing to follow-ups, enhancing your productivity and operational efficiency.

Websites & Funnels: Create high-converting websites and sales funnels with Fusion REI's easy-to-use templates that are optimized for capturing and converting home seller leads.

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Real Estate CRM

The Best REI CRM on the market


SMS Text Blasting

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Website Builder


Pre-Built Campaigns

Automatic Follow Up

Build in E-Signature Tool

Team Task Organizer

Mobile App



Motivated Seller Lead Gen

Motivated seller leads straight to your CRM

Everything in CRM

1 on 1 Support

Ad Campaign Set up and management

Custom CRM Buildouts

Weekly 1 on 1 Calls

Custom AI Booking Bot


Frequently asked questions

Why I Should Choose Fusion REI to Run my Wholesale Business?

When running a business like wholesaling where it requires so much time and effort and you have so many options available, we wouldn't blame you for asking! Here at Fusion REI we do our absolute best to provide more value at a lower cost than all our competition, from our discord group, to our software, customer support, special features, or anything in-between we strive to give our users an experience that would normally cost hundreds of dollars per month across multiple different software's and groups for just $57!

What is included with Fusion REI?

The Real Estate CRM includes our best inclass CRM giving you the Ability to call, text, email and respond through social media messaging platforms all in one place, an E-Signature tool to replace DocuSign, a Task System to replace Notion, and Facebook ads tool that provides better analytics than Facebook its self, we pride ourselves on doing our best to be the only tool you need to run your business for only $57 dollars per month, and we're just getting started!

Are There any additional costs or hidden fees?

There aren't any hidden fees but there are additional costs, but before you click off and decide your going somewhere else, we don't want to put limits on how many people you can message, call, or email so we designed a "pay as you go system". We've found this to be the most fair way to provide our users with the cheapest and best experience possible while giving them the freedom to use the call, text, and email features as much as they want each text is .0079 cents, calls are .0085 cents per minute and emails are .0007 cents. We partnered with Twilio to give our customers the best prices possible and hopefully by seeing our prices you agree!

I've Never used a CRM Before, is it Easy to Use?

More like super easy, Fusion REI includes a Custom Build Onboarding system so unlike other companies where you have to wait to get on zoom with someone in order to set up your profile and get started, with fusion REI you can set it up the second you sign up! we also have a discord community, support email, weekly zoom calls where we help our users get more familiar with Fusion REI and support ticket feature, and a help button to make sure that if you have an issue we can help you as soon as possible! As for the software, we designed it to be extremely user friendly and our help button has a walk through feature that leaves no stones unturned!

How Does The Motivate Seller Lead Gen Work?

Great Question! interestingly enough, Fusion REI was actually founded as a lead generation company helping Wholesalers generate motivated seller leads using SMS Marketing and Facebook ads back in 2021, using all our knowledge of the wholesaling industry through working with dozens of wholesalers across the US, we designed this software using a combination of everything they've asked us to build and more! Our company has transitioned to being software focused but we still do lead gen as well!

Do you offer a Refund?

Unfortunately we don't offer refunds since we don't charge set up fees or any additional costs for the incredibly low price of $57 per month, but you can feel free to cancel anytime! Also if for some reason you don't feel like this software is for you, feel free to reach out to us anytime and let us know what we can do to help, we pride ourselves on taking suggestions from the community and always working to improve our software!

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